Critical thinking, integrated analysis and awareness raising on Sustainable Development Goals and a post-2015 development agenda
  • A farmer in Uganda

    A new Working Paper from IRF partner WRI finds clear alignments between the changes needed to implement the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Photo by CIFOR shows women harvesting marula in South Africa

    26 Sept 2016 – this week’s SDG Delivery Update compiles news, opinions, reports, and events relevant to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including coverage from last week’s UN General Assembly. 

  • photo shows a (complex) woodland ecosystem in autumn

    A new briefing from IIED and EVAL SDGs sets out five lessons for evaluating the SDGs drawing on a “complex systems” approach. 

  • school children in Ethiopia celebrate education

    12 Sept 2016 – this week’s SDG Delivery Update – a compilation of news, opinion, reports, and events related to the Sustainable Development Goals - includes details of a new IIED briefing looking at urban issues and the ‘new urban agenda’ ahead of Habitat III and UNESCO’s Global Education Monitoring Report 2016.

  • Photo shows women participating in a village council in India

    IRF partner, Development Alternatives has been assessing the processes put in place in India to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Although some important steps have been taken, there is still a critical need to devise a coherent participatory process in developing plans and enough information has not yet reached the citizens to trigger their involvement with SDGs. 


The old development model based on economic growth has had its day, argues Zeenat Niazi, and India must choose a new alternative if it is to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals.